'Stone Love' Out on November 11th 2022

Janice Prix fortifies that they’re really back with dark grinding single Stone Love

According to singer Richard Henry, the reason behind the dark sound is the state we were in as a band when writing and producing this song during the pandemic really influenced the outcome of the sound and lyrics. It comes from a dark place where we honestly were quite uncertain of our future together.” Guitarist and producer MK elaborates on the lyrics and says that it definitely revolves around destroying something beautiful and turning it into something awful. It happens in both love and friendship.” 

The song is written, produced and mixed by the band themselves in the studio they built during the pandemic. Victor Hillström, drummer, says that we wanted the song to have some kind of Depeche Mode vibe and having enough time in our own studio really helped us finding that vibe.”. To emphasise the darkness even more, an upcoming eerie video will be released. Martin Bergström, bassist, claims that the use of lifesaving dummies could be seen as a metaphor for being dead inside”. 

Janice Prix are releasing more singles throughout the fall and winter of 2022, leading up to their much awaited sequel album. 


Listen to Janice Prix: 

Spotify: spoti.fi/2XDVAW4

Apple Music:  https://apple.co/2kpmjUc

Youtube: https://bit.ly/2oIR6gW

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/janice-prix