'Turn The Lights' Out on April 4th 2023

Janice Prix releases ominous single about the many faces of Hong Kong 

Swedish indie noir band Janice Prix is back with ominous new single, Turn The Lights’ with trademarked infectious melodies and eerie soundscapes. The song was written, produced, and recorded while working back and forth between Sweden and Hong Kong. Inspiration is drawn from vast contrasts in both nature and social standards. Richard Henry(vocals), says that the feeling and atmosphere living in Hong Kong really seeped into the songwriting and producing.” Being the first time split between continents, Janice Prix had to create in a completely different way from what they’re used to. 

Victor Hillström (drums) says that “always working different hours due to the time difference caused a feel of isolation and looniness that really forged the way the song took in terms of sound.” The song revolves around isolation and disconnection arising from being stranded in a context very different from home. MK (guitar) talks about the 2003 film Lost in Translation being his favourite and that “the atmosphere of ‘Turn The Lights’ hopefully feels like the one in the film.” Martin Bergström (bass) says that the ambition with the accompanying video for Turn The Lights’ is to be as ominous as the song itself with unsettling imagery of an untypical funeral ceremony.


Listen to Janice Prix: 

Spotify: spoti.fi/2XDVAW4

Apple Music:  https://apple.co/2kpmjUc

Youtube: https://bit.ly/2oIR6gW

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/janice-prix